Yemaya Yemaja

Yemaya Yemaja (Motherhood)-Yemaya is the mother of all living things and the ruler of the sea.  Yemaja is the Orisha of maternity, fertility, family and love.  Yemaya is the ruler of the surfice of the ocean.   Yemaja is wealthy with all the riches of the sea.  Yemaya is a sensitive Orisha and a fierce protector of women.  Yemaya is a great psychic with immense healing powers and is one of the most giving Orishas.  Yemajas colors are blue and white and her number is seven.  Cigar, rum or gin, with a blue candle and watermelon is offered to her on Friday or Saturday.  Yemaya is honored on September 7th and is associated with Saint Our Lady of the Regla in the Roman Catholic religion.